The history, culture and religion of a Himalayan hidden land


The aim of this website is to create a shared testimony of our experience of Helambu, Hyolmo culture, Buddhist practices, celebrations, the joys and sorrows of daily life. You are welcome to share old family photos or any documents, photos, videos, texts about the past, which can be interesting for other members of the Hyolmo community, or people around the world, who have an interest in learning about the culture and Buddhist practice of the Nepal Himalaya.

You can contact us on hyolmoheritage@gmail.com, if you want to send any documents or photos related to Helambu.

We have already prepared many interviews and articles, which are in the process of being uploaded to this website, so check back again and again to see new material. Join our Facebook page, where we publish news and updates about the growing collection of interviews, photos and videos of the Hyolmo Heritage Project.